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March 01, 2011


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Rob Mattson

1. How do you organize your portfolio?
Standard; Not in print form, rather in a traditional "singles" and "stories" manner. Files are arranged by name, with stories getting a title slide. Online, singles are still one collection. Each story has it's own link.

2. Has social media changed how you organize your portfolio? Do you have more than one portfolio? Do you create online albums or galleries? Are your galleries similar to portolios?
Social media has not changed my portfolio organization. I'm trying to figure out how to make it all click at this point, so everything is one seamless, perfectly branded series of products and services. I do create online galleries for clients, but am still learning how to use PhotoShelter. Given that I have returned to academia, learning a new outsource has taken a back seat to studies.

3. Does your portfolio represent your unique style and vision, or do you feel there are better outlets for promotion? With all the socail media applications, how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd?
I hope my portfolio represents my vision! I'm sure there are better outlets for promotion than simply slapping my work on a website, but I have yet to reach that point in my freelance work (painfully obvious, as I have plenty of time to search for cool events and stories, but few outlets for publishing).

Give me a shout if you have additional questions.

Rob Mattson

bryan farley

Thanks Rob!

I am posting on the March 2, Rob Matson Day post.


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