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December 06, 2010


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Dear Bryan, my sons call you "crazy Stogie Bowl guy". I hope this makes you smile :) and, don't stop going because it matters that you're there...

bryan farley

Thanks for commenting Lisa.

Hearing that I am the "crazy stogie bowl guy" definitely makes me smile. sounds appropriate.

Some day, maybe your children will be the crazy stogie brothers and yell at kids who have not yet been born.

Hope to meet you one day,


 James D. Leach, S.E.

Bryan, How about showing up this year, March 12, at the Senate Banquet. It will be at the Four Point Sheraton, 3737 Blackstone. I will be coming down from Alameda to play golf with my brother, John Leach, on Saturday. I believe I haven't missed a banquet since my graduation in 1947 except for two years when I was drafted into the army. Since I left home (like Abraham) and have lived in the S.F. Bay Area since, I never got to the Thanksgiving
football games, but they sound like fun.

bryan farley


I thought I was committed.

Not sure if you saw that I live in Oakland. I am trying to make it, especially after read your message. I will contact you through your contact info. I would also enjoy connecting with you soon.


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