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September 05, 2010


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Kimberley Libecki

I believe most, if not all, of the moms feel the same way I do. But, I will speak only for me. I see and feel the emotion you experience when you are with us. I recognize that your projects you give us are not "fun", but at the same time we do have fun. We can have fun because we can be ourselves and remember our children in a safe environment. We are free to release with you. That's only because you are an incredible person. We all know you've suffered terrible loss, as well. But you never lead us to believe that you think you know how we feel. That works both ways. Our small community is blessed to have you a part of it. I want to be there for you as you have for me and my fellow travelers. God Bless You.

bryan farley

Thank you Kim.

When I first started the project, I really did not think much would happen. I thought I would take a few photos, and just find a way to honor you and the families. I did not want to intrude, but I wanted you to know I cared.

I am amazed that I have gained so much and been so lucky. I think I told you what tattoo I would get if I were to ever get one. "Super Lucky." It is how I feel. Somehow, something awful happened to me, and yet, I have been super lucky to have found your amazing group.

I also wish that I could have posted more. There were plenty of drafts that did not make it into the final posts... plenty of stories, just like the photos that did not make it. I will save some of my stories for the next round.


I completely agree with Kim that not all, but most of the mother's feel the same way as you have mentioned here. You have worked on a great project. I can imagine how much time it takes for you to completely this single project. Good work and best of luck for your future.

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