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August 24, 2010


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What a beautiful blog Bryan...:) You're not only a wonderful photographer, but an awesome writer too! Thanks again for your time with us and with me, the newbie to the group. What you have done and your presence means a great deal and I am truly honored to have met you. Sincerely, Mary M. Sappington, Kimberly Marie Hamilton's Momma

bryan farley

Thank you for your comments and for letting me share your story.

I am surprised when people tell me that I am a decent writer. I always struggled. I think I have finally learned to tell important stories... stories that matter.

Glad you joined the support group. It is a special place, and I gain much more than I give.



Bryan - Thank you for sharing my story about my son, Eric. I am so glad we picked an outdoor setting as Eric loved to spend time in solitude, playing his guitar and enjoying nature. He loved music (he could play any instrument)he loved photography and poetry. Your pictures capture the joy he brought us and the pain of his loss. Someday, when Airlia and I are ready, Eric's urn will be taken to Carmel Beach in Monterey. A place where he and Airlia shared very special moments.
The pictures that you took will forever be cherished. I love you my son forever.
Hugs & Kisses from your Mommy, Rachel.

bryan farley


You are so welcome. I thought that I had already replied...

I wanted to tell you that I know Carmel Beach well. I met my wife in Monterey. We were actually at a Carmel Beach campfire the week before, but somehow did not talk.

and on the day that I received your comment, my daughter menioned how our dog Ari was special because we found him at GG's cemetary. Then my daugther said the dog was "a good-bye song." what a coincidental, yet powerful phrase, especially for a 6 year old.

lastly on coincidences... I see your login name. The wedenesday before photographing you and your family at the amphitheater behind the stream, I photographed a lady named Crystal.


much love,



After Eric’s sudden death, we wanted to honor and remember him in a special way. My brother, Armando Torres, an artist and owner of Underground Gallery in the Los Angeles area got together with a fellow artist, Tony Clough who created the retro T-Shirts that Airlia and I are wearing. Tony took an actual picture of Eric with his long hair and designed the silk screen T-shirts which were individually done by hand. They are unique just like my loving son, Eric. We wore the T-shirts to the 2009 Hinds Hospice Angel Babies Walk/Run in his memory and our team name was his ‘my space’ name “Peace, Rain & Prosperity. We wore his T-shirt to all the criminal proceedings, his 2010 Birthday Celebration and we will wear them again at the Hinds Hospice Memorial Walk/Run on September 11, 2010 in his memory. So if you see someone wearing a T-shirt that looks like a rock star with the words Peace, Rain & Prosperity, that’s my son.

Eric was adventurous and lived life to the fullest. In his short life he and his fiancée, Airlia they went skydiving, cliff diving into the sea, and explored the sky in a hot air balloon. They traveled to New York, Canada, Mexico and probably many other places that I don’t know about.

Eric loved nature; he enjoyed solitude in the mountains, by the sea and in the desert. He was a great photographer. We have many pictures of beautiful sunsets, mountains, birds, butterflies and he even captured a deer as it stood still in a meadow. Eric loved animals and animals loved him. I used to get mad at him because he would sleep with his bedroom window open and the neighborhood cats would come into his room. He had a special way with animals so one might think having a cat coming into the funeral chapel during his service might be a bit unusual but not if you knew Eric. It was amusing to all, including Eric I’m sure.

He loved music (there was not an instrument that he could not play) and to my amazement; I learned after his death that he also wrote music. At his service, we played a CD of him playing his guitar and singing the song he composed named “Actors.” I also learned that he had a journal with poetry that he wrote. One of his poems is inscribed in the Memorial Quilt dedicated to the 2009 Victims of Crime in Fresno, California.

Bryan, I greatly appreciate the photos and your expression of words for our loved one. We will now have a beautiful momentum of Eric's urn before we put him out to sea. Thank you again for being a part of creating our family's memories of Eric. You are a God sent Angel.!!

Much Love, Rachel, Mother-of-an-Angel,named Eric Alexander Escobar.

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