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March 30, 2010


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Kimberley Libecki

Martha's focus and determination has tought me so much. Her willingness to share her journey has reminded me that I, too, have strength. Strength I never knew existed. In those days after losing my son, Zach, I felt the greatest despair. So many questions about how I would move forward without Zach, how I would help my other children recover from the greatest shock they've over known, how I would be able to teach them to still grieve the loss of their brother, yet be able to grow as individuals and experience a happy and fulfilling life. Martha showed me that although the easy thing to do would be to sink in to my grief; let it consume me, I have the choice, I have the strength, to experience that grief and still be a mother to Jack, Haylie and Colton. She told me the other day, when I was missing Zach tremendously and feeling guilty about enjoying Haylie's cheer performance, that I will always have four children. And just like when Zach was alive, I still owe all of them their individual attention. It's okay to give Zach 25% of my focus and then shift my focus to Haylie when she needs it, Colton when he needs it, and Jack when he needs it. Martha, through her experiences, has lessons for everyone, regardless if you've lost a child. She is one of those great people that inspire many without even trying. I love you, Martha.


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