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November 26, 2009


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Marc Feldesman

As a former Senator and Honorary from the class of '65, I understand the importance of the Stogie Bowl. I attended while I was in the Senate and participated in a few after I graduated from FHS. Alas, I haven't lived in Fresno (or even nearby) since graduating from UCLA in 1969. I still miss the Senate and the skills it imparted in me. I can honestly say that the skills I learned in the Senate have helped me throughout my life. I was the President of the Senate for its 75th anniversary. I will be there, god willing, for the 125th soon.

Robert G. Wilson

Like my friend Marc Feldesman, I too am an Honorary (Wilson of Nebraska, Class of 1966). I also attended the Stogie Bowl each year until I moved to the East Coast. I am very glad to hear it still goes on.

bryan farley

Thank you for reading and replying, and thank you for being part of the tradition.

I visited Fresno last week and my friend, Honorary Esparza (78) and I, were trying to explain the Senate to someone who attended a different high school. Because the Senate is unique, we had trouble. There really is no other organization to compare to the Senate.


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